The IFEAT 2023 Focus Study Tour – Spanish Lemon

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IFEAT Study Tours

  • With limited spaces and always a sell-out, another very successful feature of IFEAT educational activities is the annual Study Tour for members. Since 2005, Study Tours have been organised in Sri Lanka, Egypt, Italy, Indonesia, Brazil, Paraguay, India, China, France, the USA, Bulgaria and Spain. The Tours have a number of objectives:
  • To gain a clearer understanding of the various processes, capabilities and set-up of different facilities producing and processing essential oils, aroma chemicals and F&F ingredients in the country being visited
  • Provide opportunities for participants to meet up with key producers, processors, importers and exporters in the F&F sector in the country
  • Enable some 40–50 participants on the larger Tours and around 25 on the smaller Tours, to meet up with other knowledgeable F&F industry people from a variety of countries and continents. Each tour has been an incredibly international and multi-generational group. Travelling together over six to 11 days, the wide range of expertise and knowledge on hand makes them remarkably useful and informative

Over the past decade, IFEAT Study Tours have gone from strength to strength benefitting both participants and the welcoming country.

They are proving to be a great learning experience – in the company of other industry specialists, who might be competitors but become good friends. This facilitates the growth of the international IFEAT family.

While each Study Tour follows a similar format, they remain very different, predominantly because of the country and companies visited as well as the different participants. A book is published after each Study Tour.




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